Servettring/Napkin Holders

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Servettring/Napkin Holders: Rep vit-Tyg natur/Rope white-Fabric nature
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Rep natur-Tyg betong
Rep natur-Tyg isblå
Rep natur-Tyg marin
Rep natur-Tyg natur
Rep natur-Tyg petrol
Rep natur-Tyg rött
Rep natur-Tyg svart
Rep natur-Tyg vitt
Rep vit-Tyg isblå
Rep vit-Tyg marin
Rep vit-Tyg ljusgrå
Rep vit-Tyg natur
Rep vit-Tyg rött
Rep vit-Tyg svart
Rep vit-Tyg vitt

100% lin

Design & tillverkning: Axlings Linne
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Rope nature-Fabric concrete
Rope nature-Fabric ice blue
Rope nature-Fabric navy
Rope nature-Fabric nature
Rope nature-Fabric petrol
Rope nature-Fabric red
Rope nature-Fabric black
Rope nature-Fabric white
Rope white-Fabric ice blue
Rope white-Fabric navy
Rope white-Fabric light gray
Rope white-Fabric nature
Rope white-Fabric red
Rope white-Fabric black
Rope white-Fabric white

100% linen

Design & production: Axlings Linne
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