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‘레나마리아샾’은 스웨덴에 위치하고 전세계로 상품을 판매하는 인터넷 상점입니다!

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숍 레나 마리아는 소매상인들을 위한 공정 거래 조직의 멤버입니다.


이곳에서는 레나 마리아의 음반들, 영상들, 책, 원본 그림뿐만 아니라 입과 발로 페인트하는 예술가들의 작품으로 만든 포스터, 쟁반, 퍼즐, 책, 카드 및 달력들을 구입하실수 있습니다.

Lena Maria is also an Independent Business Owner of:

Lena Maria is an Independent
Forever Business Owner.
Shortly more info will come!
Email me if you have any question.

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레나 마리아는 영양 보충제와 스킨 케어 제품을 모두 제공하는 키아니 회사의 독립적인  유통 업체입니다. 더 읽기.

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Healthy Living can sometimes go out the window during the holidays, with illness everywhere, increased stress, and poor eating habits. How can you continue to embrace the Healthy Living Movement during this busy time?

To feel good is about making good choices, keep exercise and work out and stay healthy. You also want to look good and take care of yourself a bit extra maybe? But maybe Christmas mostly is about doing good, taking care of relationships with near and dear.

Learn more about how Kyäni can help you a little along the way in the latest newsletter!

You can also visit lenamariak.kyani.net and buy what you need.

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Do-It-Yourself spa Treatments with Fleuresse

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