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The benefits of Eye Crème

As you have opportunity to get a Fleuresse Eye Crème for free when purchasing a Fleuresse Serum+Cleanser combo until May 13, Dr. Jennifer Haley, MD and Kyäni Scientific Advisory Board member at Kyäni explains to us the benefits of the Fleuresse Eye Crème in this newsletter.
When someone looks at you, the focal point is your eyes. The skin surrounding your eyes is very different from the rest of your face and is usually the first to show the signs of aging. Eyelid skin is the thinnest skin on the body. It’s more sensitive and has fewer oil glands. Smiling, squinting, and blinking cause repetitive contraction of the muscles underlying the skin, which makes this area prone to crow’s feet wrinkles. This combination of thin skin and frequency of movement can contribute to early signs of aging. As you now know, cell renewal and moisture content slows down dramatically
with aging and is more evident around the eyes. Exposure to pollution, smoking, and UV radiation accelerates the formation of wrinkles, which are typically more noticeable on the driving side. Using an eye crème with active, targeted ingredients to protect, repair, hydrate, and enhance cell renewal around the eye skin is essential.
Let’s talk about some of the unique ingredients in Fleuresse Eye Crème and the science behind them.

Key ingredients in all Fleuresse products, including the Eye Crème, include the Fleuresse Complex—Swiss apple stem cell extract, noni fruit extract, cosmetic grade blueberry extract, and tocotrienols.   
1) The stem cell extracts from the Swiss Uttwiler Apple contains growth factors and signaling molecules that stimulate your own skin’s stem cells to work harder and live longer. This translates to improved protection from environmental insults, regeneration of new skin, and repair of damaged skin.
2) Noni fruit extract increases Nitric Oxide production to promote healthy circulation and blood flow. Adequate circulation assists in delivering nutrients to feed the skin internally but will also open up the pores and allow the skin to absorb the active ingredients in the Eye Crème.
3) Cosmetic-grade blueberry extract functions as a potent antioxidant and skin protectant.
4) Tocotrienols are a potent form of Vitamin E with powerful lipid antioxidant properties.  Since the skin contains an array of water and lipid layers, it is essential to have both types of antioxidants to protect and nourish the skin.
As you age, the amount and the quality of the collagen in your skin decrease. The eye crème contains multiple peptides. Peptides are naturally found in skin and help maintain structural integrity by acting as precursors to collagen formation. By incorporating peptides into your skin care regimen, you can stimulate the production of collagen to improve skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles, and reduce sagging of the skin that occurs with the aging process. Argirelene is a neuropeptide in the eye crème that may affect neurotransmitters in the skin and work as a “topical Botox,” thus relaxing wrinkles and producing a temporary smoothing effect. A double-blind clinical trial studied the effects of peptides on skin quality and smoothness of 20 women, ages 40–62.  After four weeks of consistent peptide application, 80% of the women saw an improvement in skin smoothness, and there was a measurable reduction in the number and size of wrinkles on the skin.
The best way to apply it is to use about one-half pump or a pearl-sized amount for both eyes. Apply to your ring finger and apply to the upper and lower lids and sweep gently in an outwards  motion.  You want to apply the crème firmly enough to stimulate blood flow to the area but gently enough not to tear the elastic tissue in the skin. Although the skin around the eyes is delicate and can be damaged with aggressive rubbing, massage is important to stimulate collagen and enhance penetration of products into the skin. Focus the application to the crow’s feet that overly the orbital bone. The eye crème should be applied after serum is completely dry (30–60 seconds).  If you tend to have puffy eyes, storing your Eye Crème in the refrigerator will provide a cooling effect to reduce puffiness.
In summary, daily use of a targeted eye cream is necessary to address the specific needs of vulnerable eye skin to help prevent and treat wrinkles. Consistent and early use will give you the best results. Using an Eye Crème in the morning will help to protect the unique eye area from UV damage and free radicals—in addition to sunscreen and sunglasses. Using it at night will help the natural skin repair processes for optimal renewal. Living a healthy lifestyle in combination with a consistent skin care routine will always provide the best results.

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