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Ferdinand helped to pack, he probably wanted to be packed himself! Ferdinand helped to pack, he probably wanted to be packed himself!

Yes, in double sense!

For once again, I packed the bag and travelled to Japan and my husband came with. me this time as well. I have eight performances in six days on this concert tour. It is intense but I truly enjoy to sing a lot of Christmas songs again! It's the only Christmas concerts I'm doing this year.

Then I've also decided to start selling Forever's wonderful products again. I worked with the company a few years ago, since then I have done many other things. Meanwhile, I have continued to use many of the products because they are so good! 

These are my favourites:

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After my performances in Seoul, as I showed on movie in my previous blog, Putte and I went to Japan for two weeks. There I made eight concerts together with choirs at every place under the conduction of Mr. Shinichiro Yamamoto, choir leader, composer, pianist and singer. A glimpse from these concerts and our trip you can watch in the movie above.

Then we continued our travel to Bangkok, Thailand. Mainly because I wanted to enjoy the best breakfast in the world and stay at the most cozy pool in the world on my 50th birthday. This is found at Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit in Bangkok! I also wanted to visit the CCD, the Christian Care Foundation for Children with Disabilities, the Children's Home in Thailand with about 400 children with disabilities, which I support through my 'Lena Maria & Friends Foundation'. And one of the days in Bangkok we got a chance to go there. They sang to me and that was the nicest 50th birthday I could get!

Now that I had come all the way to Bangkok, I also made a charity concert to help CCD, that Mrs Pat Akkarasawart together with the Bridge Foundation arranged. There I had the great pleasure of singing a duet with Mr Benjamin James Dooley, a wonderful singer who works both in the pop world as well as in the opera world. Here is a small slide show with photos from the concert, an interview I made for the National TVchannel Thai TBS, (on facebook is an interview where Patrik answers some questions also), as well as the YouTube clip when James wins "the Voice Thailand" in the beginning of this year.

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In high school we had a chance to practice a couple of weeks at a workplace, I guess to get a feeling how a regular job looked like. Mr Sune Fick who was a well known artist in my hometown agreed to let me come to his house and studio where he teached me how to paint in oil. It was a truly exciting experience and I learnt a lot. 
Mr. Fick was one of the Founders of the Mouth and Foot painters Association and he spoke so warmly about it and encouraged me to apply. So after a few years in 1990 I finally sent away some of my paintings to the jury and I was accepted. 
Since then the Association has become a bigger part of my life for each year that pass and I’ve got a lot of really good friends. I’m also very happy for the contact I have with many people who buy and enjoy our reproductions: cards and calendars etc. through the letters that I write three times a year together with our spring cards, Christmas cards and the yearly calendar that we send to a lot of households in both Sweden and Norway.
A few years ago I made a film about my painting together with my dear friend and excellent camera man Mr Johnny Lindgren. And I thought this special day on which our founding father Erich Stegmann passed away and to celebrate the wonderful legacy that he left us all that I want to post this blog and film.

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My husband and I went this lovely summer day to Flättinge Farm Café and had lunch together. Today my grandfather would have turned 120 years old. He was born in 1898! Today, Putte and I also celebrate a year and a month as married. Flättinge Farm Café is a special place for us because it was here at this cafe we went and had coffee on our first day when we got together.
Life is filled with things to celebrate!

At the beginning of the summer, my mother filmed a bird's nest that they have just outside their kitchen window. It was time for the kids to leave the estate. I put the sequences together to one of my songs and put on Youtube.

In the fall this year it's time for a tour and performances in Japan. Here's a "promo movie".

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Johnny Lindgren / Me3dia was in place on May 5th when the Mouth & Foot Painters had their usual spring exhibition at Galleri Mouth & Foot at Bergshamra Torg in Solna, Stockholm. Our guest this day was Ulf Elfving, a famous radio voice in Sweden, who put a real gold edge on the exhibition and also interviewed us Mouth & Foot artists who were there.
Our next exhibition is November 10th. Welcome then!

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Art experience in Vienna, opening of an exhibition with Mouth- & Foot Painters and a film about my artistry is the content of today's blog.

This weekend we had the spring opening of our exhibition in our Gallery Mouth & Foot in Stockholm. The opening was very successful and many people came. This year we had the great pleasure of having Ulf Elfving as a guest. He's one of the most well known radio voices in Sweden. A more popular person is hard to find and he interviewed all the artists who were there. See picture! The weekend's novelty was also filmed by Johnny Lindgren, so for those who did not join, you'll be able to later on see the opening at youtube.

At Saturday night we painters also had a nice evening out at the Golden Hits!


About a month ago, I was in Vienna on a trip with my husband's siblings and their respective. We had a fantastic weekend where we got to meet the spring a little earlier than here in the north. One of the highlights was visiting the Albertina Art Museum. A magnificent and beautiful building filled with lots of beautiful, impressive, wonderful, interesting, content-rich, but also provocative and difficult to interpret works of art. It was mainly the art of Monet and Picasso, but also an impressive collection of watercolors of Vienna Artists with 1800 Century that depicted how our Europe looked like. On the basement there was also an exhibition of Keith Haring.

Monet and I
Monet and I
Picasso and I
Picasso and I
Keith Haring
Keith Haring

The Albertine Museum contains one of Europe's largest private collections of classical modern art and includes 500 works by Monet, Renoir, Cézanne, Chagall, Picasso, Modigliana, Matisse, Kandinsky and many more more or less cultured artists and span over 130 years of art history, from French impressionism to the present.
"Monet to Picasso - The Baltliner Collection" is a permanent loan to the museum by Rita and Herbert Batliner. Herbert is a lawyer from Liechtenstein. He was a good friend of Erich Stegman and Herbert helped Erich to establish the association of Mouth- & Foot Artists and publisher who still today after 60 years has a structure still working excellent with about 800 artists from all around the world.
It was really fascinating to get acquainted with all the artwork at the exhibition, but also to enjoy Herbert Batliner's own great art interest, which started in the 50's when he started collecting art.


A few years ago, Johnny Lindgren and I went to the various Swedish artists and foot artists and made small films that reflect our lives as artists. They are all available on the Mouth- & Foot Painters website (in Swedish). The film about me I have also posted on my own website.

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The spring made a late but brilliant entrance this year. Many Scandinavians have probably, just as I, experienced the start of this year as heavy. When the snow came, it lit up the winter darkness and it was really beautiful. But as the weeks went by and the cold weather persisted, it became really difficult. It's not often I feel low but I think the coldness and the darkness affected us all. A couple of other circumstances also did that the beginning of 2018 goes to history as a heavy start of a year.

But luckily, the winter does not last forever. One day, the warmth and sunshine came and we got a taste of summer. I lay in the sun one afternoon and sunbathed for an hour in just a bikini and it was lovely! The spring and the heat and the sun finally arrived and my soul began to live again, and the energy, enthusiasm and joy came back. Now I'm motivated to get started with all sorts of things again. For example, blogging!

Spring has, in the middle of the boring, offered surprises and encouragement that I want to share with me in my blogs now. I will also start uploading my various small movies I've made together with the amazing photographer and filmmaker Johnny Lindgren. A presentation movie of me is now available on YouTube in different languages.

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Founder & Executive Director Wasan and his wife Chariya are doing a sponsored 70 km cycle ride from Ayudthaya to Rainbow House in Bangkok on Sunday 28th January 2018. This is a grueling ride in the intense heat, and it will be a very difficult challenge for them!
They are doing this to raise money for the orphanage CCD that I support through my Lena Maria & Friends Foundation. Please dig deep and sponsor them to make it worth the pain! All donations help - big or small!

Go to the sponsorship page:
Thank you so much!

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This is the year when my peers turn 50 years old! Really fun actually, because then I'll hopefully be invited to a lot of parties. And today was such a day when we celebrated Lillemor who had a party in Hillestorp.
In our country we have an almost unwritten opinion that says it's better to be young than old. Some people sometimes take drastic measures to keep looking young. But do we think it's bad to get old? No, I do not think so either, but maybe we think life goes too fast and the years pass too quickly?
I have been spared the teenage crisis, 20-years life crisis, 30-years life crisis, 40-years life crisis and I have no problem turning fifty years old even if it is not until the autumn. I like to celebrate my birthday and I'm thankful for every year I'm given to live, hopefully, I'll be a little wiser and a bit more clever and think about everything I'll experience. And then for every year that pass, I'm one year closer to heaven. But everybody may not think like me... Life is filled with so much of both joyful moments and hardship and discomfort and perhaps what we fear the most is that our health is failing. To suffer from illnesses, sickness and pain is difficult to bear for both the one affected and for the people who live closest.
Lillemor, Maria and I that you see the picture went to the same class in Senior High School. We went on trips to London and the Faroe Islands and we set up a musical at the local theatre and had amazing years together. During the year that just passed we had a reunion and many from the class showed up. We had a wonderful day of fellowship, singing and reminders of great and hilarious anecdotes. Especially great was that Lillemor could join who've had a really tough year with radiation treatments for a malignant cancer. Even the day today was an extraordinarily great day with an extra special celebration! Congratulations Lillemor on your 50th birthday! We are many who pray for you and we are many that wish to celebrate many more years and anniversaries with you!

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