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2017 > 08

I am so happy! I can eat plums today. Before, as long as I can remember, the palate, throat and chest itches, but the only thing I feel today is the air that wants to get out back there! :-D
Since childhood I have been a "stone fruit allergy sufferer", but thanks to Kyäni, one allergy after another disappears.

Three years ago, I got in touch with the vitamin Kyäni, but I have not talked about it so much because I wanted to see if it's good first. My pollen allergy has almost disappeared, and I begin to be able to eat a lot of fruit, but almonds and hazelnuts still itches. It takes time for the body to change of course, but there is something in these vitamins that causes the allergy decrease.

I use the so-called triangular package. It's a juice "Kyäni Sunrise" you drink in the morning, another more concentrated fluid "NitroFX" you take with a pipette three times a day and finally omega three tablets "Kyäni Sunset" that you take in the evening. I began to eat Kyäni in the autumn and already in the spring, the pollen allergy was much lighter. That's how I noticed it first. Then I have been able to eat apples and pears and carrots and now also plums! I have not dared to try cherries yet, it usually itches, but I'll try the next time I get the chance!

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