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If you want to be happy for an hour - take a nap!
If you want to be happy for a day - go fishing!
If you want to be happy for a month - get married!
If you want to be happy for a year - inherit a fortune!
But if you want to be happy for a lifetime - help someone else!

-Chinese proverb-

"I Can" I said often when I was a kid and my mom took it serious. My parents gave me the time I needed to find my own solutions and discover my own limitations. Many children in the world, born with a disability, don't get that chance. Some are doomed to spend their lives hidden and spend the days in a bed or sometimes with the creature and some children are even abandoned or aborted.

I just got home from a two week concert tour "Great is the Earth" with the "Erik's help". A children's rights organization that, based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, is fighting for children living in poverty and vulnerability to have a better life, both now and in the future. Work is ongoing in 17 countries, including Sweden, focusing on children's right to education, health, safety and protection.

It was a lovely tour and amazing to meet the commitment that so many people have to help others. At the concerts, I showed a movie from a trip I made this spring to Belarus. There I got to see the work the "Erik's help" does among children with serious disabilities who live at the 9 different institutions that are scattered across the country, often in the countryside far outside the city.

The film below is in Swedish...

When I meet these children and other people on my trips around the world who aren't allowed to be a part of the society, I get troubled. I feel so small and often think about what I can do to change the situation. On my own I can't do much but when we are many who come together where everyone does a little bit, then I think we can move mountains.

Finally some clips from the tour:

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and right now, I have an exhibition of my art in the Habo library until September 19. If you have the opportunity, look in!

For as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed painting. I like to paint beautiful things and with richness in details. The most beautiful things I usually find in nature.
When I sing, I find it hard to stick with one style or genre, so there is a lot of variety in my reportuar. It's the same when I paint. Sometimes small and sometimes large, sometimes in aquarelle, sometimes in acrylic but most often in oil.

Since 1990 I have been part of the Mouth & Foot painters. A fantastic association owned and run by us around 800 artists all over the world. Here in Sweden we are only eight artists but we have a nice gallery in Stockholm at Bergshamra Torg in Solna where you can see our art.
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So finally some pictures from the vernissage in the Habo library...

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One of the most fun things I know is to invite to party! And last Thursday was one of the high light days of my life. I invited a lot of friends, neighbors, family, colleagues, classmates, art friends and church friends and 184 showed up to my big feast.
In the autumn of 28/9 when I turned 50 we had no floor and no kitchen in our house and I was also in Asia for a month. So I pushed my birthday party to the Ascension Day of Christ this week when people are free from work and the weather is more beautiful.
Fortunately, we had rented a large tent that accommodated us all and friends came from near and far, even from Norway, Scotland, Korea and Japan. But unfortunately it wasn't a warm and sunny summer day. The clouds were thick and the rain fell in early evening but the tent kept us dry and the atmosphere made us warm!
I am so extremely grateful that I have a man who support all my ideas. Therefore, with his help, my parents and my assistants, and all guests of course and a delicious barbecue dinner from "Ebbarps Norrgård", it became an unforgettable day!

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Photo: Dick Lundgren Photo: Dick Lundgren

With the Swedish famous radio host and journalist Mr. Ulf Elfving's help, this year's Mouth & Foot Artist's opening of the spring exhibition was really successful. A lot of people came to listen and it was a great atmosphere.
Mr. Ulf Elfving, who is very skilled in interviewing, talked with us artists who were present: Maria Andréasson, Eva Nilsson, Olle Holmgren and Jennie Sjöström.
This vernissage I had chosen only Ted Gärdestad songs and one of them, 'In the embrace of the great sorrow' I dedicated Kent Nilhag, one of us artists who unfortunately died at the beginning of the year.
This spring exhibition present works of art painted by mouth and foot artists from all over the world. The Swedish artists' artifacts were also, as always, represented.

Photo: Dick Lundgren
Photo: Dick Lundgren
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I thought for a while about what I would call this blog. If I wrote 'annual meeting' or 'board' in the headline, I don't think so many people would continue to read because it sounds boring.
But it really doesn't have to be that way...

From the left: Thomas Ekman, Rut Lindmark, Patrik Vendelius, Lena Maria Vendelius, Inger Ekman, Rolf Johansson och Anna Johansson From the left: Thomas Ekman, Rut Lindmark, Patrik Vendelius, Lena Maria Vendelius, Inger Ekman, Rolf Johansson och Anna Johansson

This sunny Saturday in April we went up north in Sweden to the city Uppsala to meet in Thomas and Inger's house. A very nice day full of laughter and deep and warm conversations.

I am so happy to have my 'Lena Maria & Friends Foundation' and to be able to help people with disabilities in vulnerable situations where society does not at all give help in a way as we, in a country like Sweden, think is necessary.

New this year is that we help Moses Murungi in Uganda who, despite of his severe disabilitiy, continues to study. He lacks half of his arms and half of his legs and has learned to for example write by holding the pen between his arm stumps.
Now he's studying at St. Augustine's College in Wakiso and we are happy to pay for his studies this year and for the next four years.

Do you want to support my Foundation?
Use The Lena Maria & Friends
Foundation’s account:
IBAN: SE04 1200 0000 0123 5022 3124
Danske Bank
Skolgatan 3, 55112 Jönköping, Sweden

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... or what is success?

I got the inspiration for this blog from an interview with Mr. Alexander Pärleros which I saw on the morning news. Alexander founded the success pod (only in Swedish I'm sorry to say).

One of the sentences that remained in my head after I saw the interview was:

Success is to be the cause
of other people's happiness

- Quote by Lasse Gustavson.

Wow, well said! There is not much to add when you absorbed the implications.

Otherwise, power, status and money are often something that measures our success. But when you see this in the light of the previous quote, it fades. To a certain level, it can be an asset that makes life easier. Both money, power and status are a great help and sure make life easier. But the word success has now gained a new and wider meaning for me. It also means that everything I work with becomes even more meaningful.

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One of the most painful things in life is to be separated from our loved ones. And it seems that that the older you become, the more funerals you get to attend, I think some can agree to that.
In the past week we had to take leave of Kent Nilhag. Kent and I were colleagues in the Mouth & Foot Painters. Kent was a foot painter just like me and we joined the association the same year, 1990.
Kent had cerebral pares and sometimes he suffered severe spasms and speech difficulties, but one of his legs and feet worked well. With that foot he created many paintings and in 2000 he started his own gallery "No Hands" in his hometown Karlskrona on the south coast of Sweden. It was also in Karlskrona, the beautiful Church of the Holy Trinity, in the middle of the city, the funeral for Kent was held.
I drove down from Jönköping, my hometown, in a class 1 warning snow storm and it took almost four hours, together with my assistant and sang two songs chosen by his mother and closest friends. Two amazing songs that express the love and appreciation of life and each other. That this day offered snow storm makes me not forget Kent's funeral in the first place, if I may put it that way. Kent was an enterprising man, wanted a lot and took care of the opportunities he had. He was hugely appreciated and loved, especially in his hometown. It will be empty now without Kent at our annual meetings and exhibitions.
Rest in peace Kent and I hope we'll see eachother again in the life after this. Then we can dance you and I!

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Trendy, stylish greeting cards, double-folded with envelopes. Each card has a number from 1 to 100. All are different. Fits the gift when you’re going to the Birthday Party! Now they are finally posted in my online store and easy to order!

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The next last day of our USA trip with my nephew and niece, we ate breakfast in a real American hangout. On the back of their menu you could read the following text:

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Today the sun is shining, it's a beautiful day, but it's really windy! Maybe a metaphor for this new year - 2019.
I always think it's wonderful to start a new year. You get a new start, a new unwritten sheet and you can create new goals and visions.
We live in a precarious world with great challenges and the future is uncertain. If you want, you can get bogged down in all the bad news we are bombarded with every day and worry and complain. But I prefer to see every day as a gift, something I can do something good and meaningful of. And that inspires me! There is so much to be grateful for and I choose to see what I have and what I've got and then I feel a bubbling joy inside.
During the past year I've met and experienced sorrow and pain and anxiety. People close to me who left this mortal life and other people who are really sick. It hurts and is part of life. At the same time I want to agree with a quote from an old woman who said:
"One day we all shall die, all the other days we shall live"
It will be my motto this year. To take care of every day, enjoy life and to care about my fellow friends!
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