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Lena Maria Vendelius


Now it's time for a big Christmas sale in my shop. Not only in the "physical" store in Jönköping, but also on the Internet.


Use the discount code CHRISTMASSALE2016
when you check out.

The store on Östra Storgatan 52 in Jönköping, Sweden is open
December 28 to 30, at 11:00 to 18:00.
Then it's closed until January 25 when I open again as usual!

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December - the last month of the year - has made it enter! With a new month comes a new offer:

beautiful and cozy in the winter evenings.
NOW ONLY 59 SEK (ordinary price 69 SEK)

Then I put out a song every day on my facebook page. Today I have chosen a fairly newly written song sung by Erik Linder. He has such an amazing voice and I think this is a really nice Christmas song.

My whole playlist on Spotify you find here.

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Today is the 1st Sunday of Advent. The first day of the new church year. It's always a little more special to go to church this day and sing the traditional Swedish hymns, beautiful and magnificent songs, typical for this time of year.

Advent is a time that certainly means different things for us. For me it means joy and light and a reminder that humanity's savior was born to earth.

This year I want to share with you one song every day until New Year's Eve. The songs I choose, I write a few lines about om my Facebook page and place at a playlist on Spotify that you can follow. I apologize already now that some songs will be in Swedish.

Today I have chosen one of the finest recordings I know of the Swedish Christmas and 1st Adventsong: Bereden väg för Herran (Prepare ye the way of the Lord). Here recorded and sung by The Real Group.

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I'm glad I didn't faint. I'll have to thank the skies. 36 degrees and I was positioned right in front of my audience with the sun as a big spotlight. But thank God for the skies that subdued the sun's intense heat.
But right there and then I actually didn't think about it. So much else got my attention. I sang in a prison for sick and disabled. In Ukraine there are 142 prisons, but poor access to doctors and nurses so therefor they've gathered prisoners with special needs at one prison.

Before we entered we had to hand over our passports, cellphones and money/wallets. I have to admit that it didn't feel completely comfortable. Then we were taken through the gate and locked louvre doors into an open area with a small Orthodox church right next to us.
On park benches and behind bars alongside my audience were sitting. They met me with smiles and warmth, and it was not hard to sing and talk about my life.

It took seven hours by car to the city where the prison was. A beautiful journey with huge fields of corn and sunflower crops. But very bumpy! Maybe they should put some money on their roads...

If I should be perfectly honest I did not have high expectations for this trip. But I was incredibly pleasantly surprised! What a beautiful country Ukraine is. Such wonderful people! They took well care of us, treated to good food and I had wonderful encounters and experiences. I did many interviews, both radio and television. Performed in two churches with my singing and my life story. The last day we were also in a hospital in Kiev for the war wounded. There I were singing outdoors again in a very beautiful environment. Thanks to everyone who made this trip possible and thank you for the nice layup during the trip. Ukraine is a country I'd love to go return to!

The hospital chaplains and me!
The hospital chaplains and me!
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I have been on holiday on one of Swedens islands called Öland with my new caravan. Very nice! Driving the caravan I mean, and eat good food and ice cream and meet friends. But camping life, well ... a little too crowded for my taste to be honest. Now I'm back home and I truly enjoy that! Today I open my shop again. Sooo fun! And then I'll be travelling doing som concerts. Sooo fun! And in between being at home and swim and sunbathe and sleep and do sudoku and reading books. That is the best holiday for me!
And now when I opened the shop again after the summer break I was wondering what to choose for the "product of the month". Perhaps your towels is full of sand and stains and has worn out after all the summer beach visits. And perhaps it is time to invest in a new nice towel for the autumn? If that's the case, it is now you should take the opportunity to look at the lovely linen towels I have. Linnen is more durable than cotton towels and gets more comfortable the longer you use them. High quality, durable and a real investment you might say.
And finally, I would like to say, please continue to have a nice summer!
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Student parties and graduations, birthdays and barbecues often happen in the month of June. And every time the question is the same: - What shall I bring?
Therefore I choosed as the product of the month a candle holder available in two different versions. Fits well in the room of a teenager as well as on the dinner table at the barbecue.
The two models of the holder are Flowerlight and Heartlight. Read more about them here!

The candle holders are made of Andersson's Design, a fantastic little family business in Angelholm. It was founded by the spouses and designers Maria and Stefan Andersson. Maria has a background as a pattern designer and has always had a passion for color and shape and a feeling to develop new things in both textiles and metal as other materials. Stefan operates since many years a company with an industry workshop and is a designer and design engineer with experience and feeling for form and design. It was here in the family's industrial workshop that Maria and Stefan began making prototypes and tested their way when ideas about design arrived. They had a common dream of making stylish objects with a unique Scandinavian feel.

It is not surprising that Maria is doing what she does. Maria Andersson is a true entrepreneur, and is characterized by creativity, ambition and a passion for what she does. Through all phases of her working life a common thread has been a sense of color and form, but also with a sense for business.

Other products in my shop from Andersson's Design is available in the slideshow here:

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I am so happy to have got to know Carina Folkesson from Bankeryd, the same town that I grew up in. She started making organic soaps a few years ago and now I sell them in my store.
Buying things with good quality, good both for myself and others, Organic and Fair Trade, has become more important over time for me.

How do we take care of each other? Our nature and earth? And ourselves?
Love and care is needed more than ever. So wonderful to give and great to get surrounded by. But difficult, so it is easy to make mistakes, have too little patience and be quick to judgment and opinions.
Now we have had a good week with fantastic summer weather. Hopefully the weather will help us here in northern Europe to become happier, warmer and friendlier people.

Lovely foaming pump soap
with lemongrass scent

Lovely natural aroma of the finest lemongrass oil.

Luxurious dispenser that offers a lasting and abundant soft lather. We also offer refill bottles.

Now 89 SEK (ordinary price SEK 99)


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It's spring! I have seen the first snowdrops who looks up and the ice on the lake outside my house has melted and is soon gone for this winter. Lovely!
This spring carries spring joy at another more personal level, too. All my life I have been really hard with spring allergy. Alder and hazel, the very first that comes out in the spring. Before I've quickly made an appointment with the doctor and received strong medicine prescribed. Then I've managed to sing and perform again. Fresh apples, raw carrots, hazelnuts, almonds, etc. I have not been able to eat, it has been terribly scratching in my throat when I tried. But now all allergy has vanished. I know nothing of the hazel I have in my garden, the other day I ate for the first time a truly healthy and beautiful apple and yesterday I ate grated carrots for dinner. It's incredible!
So how have I managed to do this then? Well, the answer is Kyani which means "strong medicine" among Aboriginals in Alaska. I've eaten Kyani two years now. Last year, I felt a little bit of allergies but now using it a little longer, everything is gone. Absolutely wonderful! = D
Do you want to try this yourself you can order Kyani here: lenamariak.kyani.net Your order is sent directly to your home.

This month I celebrate 25 years as an artist! To celebrate this I release a new CD, all songs in Swedish called "Lyckliga dagar" (=Happy Days) plus another "best of" album with 3 CDs with songs from the ten CDs I've released in Sweden.

Read more here!

Next year I celebrate 25 years in Japan!!!

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Wishing you a really lovely week. I hope it will be beautiful sunny days when we can get a little taste of spring.


I would like to tell you about the latest additions to the store too. I was visiting the company "Grön Lycka" (=Green Happiness) in Bankeryd, just outside Jönköping. Carina Folkesson manufactures soaps and creams that are organic and filled with only ingredients that are good for our bodies. It was really fascinating and it smells soooo good!

"Grön Lycka" natural cosmetics are plant-based and they are anxious that the majority of the content is just that for optimal therapeutic effect. The soaps are cold stird which means that they consist of saponified vegetable oils. Natural glycerin is formed that moisturize the skin. They do not use detergent substances (SLS, SLES), parabens, citric acid, mineral oils. Soaps color is added with mica, clays and oxides. "Grön Lycka" follows the GMP (good manufacturing practice) during manufacturing. The products are not tested on animals. The products are safety assessed by a qualified chemist and registered in the EU database ECAS / CPNP.

Here you can read more about the products
and place an order, I send packages to all countries

And below you can see a video of how Carina produce the Lovely lavender soap. A cold process with fine activated carbon and essential oils.

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At the beginning of each year, I write the letters to be sent along with the spring cards, Christmas cards and a calendar from the Mouth- & Footpainters in Sweden and Norway. At the beginning of each year, I write the letters to be sent along with the spring cards, Christmas cards and a calendar from the Mouth- & Footpainters in Sweden and Norway.

Already March ... I think time goes so fast. Hard to keep up with the time. But I guess that it's the way it is when you have a lot to do!

February has been a really fun month! I've been performing at different occations here in Sweden, but I've also had many pleasant visits in my shop. Together with a local auther we've had writing days, a big group of retired ladies came to listen to my song and talk at an Afternoon Tea and then I've had several interviews.

Every spring I get so tired. Last week, we had a lot of sun and for the first time it felt like spring is on the way. I love when the sun begins to warm and to hear the waterdrops from the roof when it falls down from the ice melting. But I'm tired. I sleep a lot but is still not quite spirited. Don't know why but I believe that it is spring. I'm simply not used to so much light. But it's still wonderful when the first sign of spring shows itselt!

The product of the month in March:
Tea Forté


NOW 99 SEK (regular price 119 SEK)

Loose tea in a beautiful jar with many different flavors, some of them completely organic, all with high quality!

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Now it's beginning to get brighter! The days are longer and sometimes it almost feels like spring is peeking out. But one should probably expect more snow and freezing temperatures to come anyway. For the children's sake I wish the winter will show itself in time for the winter holiday anyway!

Took a picture on the way from home when it had snowed all night. Cosy! Took a picture on the way from home when it had snowed all night. Cosy!

January has been amazing beautiful! But cold ... -19 ° I had as the coldest at home. It was smacking in the house at night. I'm glad that the electric power didn't go off. But now it is + degrees and bare ground.

February offers a good price on a product of the month!

Raspberry / Liquorice Toffee
NOW 35 SEK (ordinary price 49 SEK)

Superdelicious candies
Liquorice is good for you they say. I don't know if it's true - but what I'm certain of is that these gluten-free Raspberry / Liquorice toffees one can really enjoy!

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A new year again. I think it feels good. Feels a bit like a reboot - restarting.
2016 is a year that I look forward to. Mainly because this year I celebrate my 25th anniversary. As an artist I might add. What the year will bring I do not know yet, but I will continue blogging and keep you informed, you who are interested!

Anyway, now in January, everything is very calm as usual. The only exception is my webshop. To my surprise, orders drop in almost every day. Really fun!

So, as usual, I want to inform about the product of the month. A real favorite in my toilet bag. It is lovely to lubricate when you feel dry in your skin. I use it often in the face for the night. Especially if I discover a pimple or spot in on the skin I just add a little extra there.
It is also ideal to lubricate your feet with after a wonderful foot bath!

RIGHT NOW 229 SEK. (Regular price is 254 SEK)

Read more about it here...

Or order it right here...

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Ett tillfälligt fel har uppstått med Instagramflödet. Var vänlig försök igen senare.


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