Student parties and graduations, birthdays and barbecues often happen in the month of June. And every time the question is the same: - What shall I bring?
Therefore I choosed as the product of the month a candle holder available in two different versions. Fits well in the room of a teenager as well as on the dinner table at the barbecue.
The two models of the holder are Flowerlight and Heartlight. Read more about them here!

The candle holders are made of Andersson's Design, a fantastic little family business in Angelholm. It was founded by the spouses and designers Maria and Stefan Andersson. Maria has a background as a pattern designer and has always had a passion for color and shape and a feeling to develop new things in both textiles and metal as other materials. Stefan operates since many years a company with an industry workshop and is a designer and design engineer with experience and feeling for form and design. It was here in the family's industrial workshop that Maria and Stefan began making prototypes and tested their way when ideas about design arrived. They had a common dream of making stylish objects with a unique Scandinavian feel.

It is not surprising that Maria is doing what she does. Maria Andersson is a true entrepreneur, and is characterized by creativity, ambition and a passion for what she does. Through all phases of her working life a common thread has been a sense of color and form, but also with a sense for business.

Other products in my shop from Andersson's Design is available in the slideshow here:


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