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When autumn is here, many of us take the opportunity for a fresh start. It can be about eating healthier, but perhaps most of all about getting started with your workout... All said and done, we get out on the first round of jogging or do a really hard workout at the gym to really get started. A day or two later, we barely get out of bed. Muscle soreness are here.

What is muscle soreness, really?
Before it was thought that the soreness was caused by damaged muscle fibrils and muscle fibers. Now new research shows that it's the opposite, it's something good: a strengthening of the muscle fibrils. You can say that muscle soreness signals that your body is preparing for more training.

How much muscle soreness you experience depends on how hard and how long you exercise, but also on the type of exercise you perform. The worst muscle soreness you get is the so-called eccentric training, where your muscles are working during the extension and as you slow down a movement. Like running downhill, for example.

How to avoid it
Rule number one: Do not neglect to warm up. During the warm up the joints are lubricated, the circulation increases and the oxygen delivery to the muscles improves. This in turn means that the risk of both injuries and soreness are reduced. The cool down you shouldn't skimp on either if you want to avoid muscle soreness. It doesn't take long at all, just finish your training with a jog or walk at a relaxed pace, five minutes is usually enough.

Don't go out too hard if you havn't exercised for a long time, to accustom your body gradually will be more beneficial. Start with lighter weights or shorter running tracks and then build on more each workout. But muscle soreness can affect even the most well-trained - it's enough that you're doing an exercise where you engage muscle groups you don't usually use to feel the next day.

If an accident occurs?
Don't worry - sore heals by itself after a few days. To stretch or put on ice may help reduce stiffness. And please try a gentle massage - a suggestion with Aloe Heat Lotion. With its skin nourishing and refreshing ingredients Aloe Heat Lotion is in fact a nice calming, soothing and invigorating massage lotion that is easily absorbed by the skin and leaves a pleasant feeling behind.

Wait also with hard training workouts until the pain has subsided. However, you can go jogging, cycling or walking at a gentle pace, as light physical activity increases blood flow to the affected muscles, which in turn speeds up healing. So be careful - and listen to your body.


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