Sayonara - see you next time

Sweden welcomed us home with 28 degrees and summer weather. The sun was up all evening and everything had become green. In my garden called the dandelions in all its glory. Amazing that so much can happen in just two weeks.
After a few days of rest, it is wonderful to think back on a successful and good tour. It was blessed in so many ways and I did not feel as tired as I usually do because I felt that I received so much myself this time.

Including the press conference which launched the tour, I had 14 appearances in 12 days and only the second to last day off. We made eight domestic flights, three train trips and spent a number of hours in cars and buses.

Every place we came to welcomed us warmly and it was both dear reunions and new acquaintances. It was great that in several places meet Japanese artists and musicians, and especially many gospel choirs.

There is so much to tell but I'll end with the concert in Aizu. The pianist Anders Wihk and I had a concert there 20 years ago when the congregation celebrated its 100th year anniversary. They rented the largest concert hall in the city and in the concert we gave all seats were full. It had never happened before. Now I had the pleasure to sing on their 120 year anniversary and the seats were full again. Many things happen in 20 years, and I referred to some of these and that life never goes as planned - it is often better! I ended by saying that if I am invited to sing at their 140 year anniversary, it will be the same year as I turn 65 years old. It may well be, in that case, my last concert before I retire! (if I retire - it's very fun to work)

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