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I am Lena Maria from Sweden and will be your singing coach. For 30 years I've worked as a professional singer with the whole world as my field of work, but it's especially in Asia that I have made an impact as an artist. In 1991 I graduated from the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm and since then I have lived as a freelance singer and lecturer etc.

Over the years, I have taught many singing students, beginners as well as soloists. The most important thing in all my lessons is that you, as a student, will enjoy singing with your own unique voice and have fun. The lessons should be a source of inspiration that makes you wanna sing more and more.

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Do you want to take private singing lessons?

I also meet with singing students via Zoom or similar online. 45 min. costs 80 Euro.

Send me an E-mail if you're interested.


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