5 IMPORTANT things to think about

1. Sleep
Your recovery takes place during sleep. If you sleep poorly, your recovery will also be bad, and if you do not recover, it will be difficult to perform your best. Instead, you might stop at 70-80% and will never catch up. If you have had too little sleep, susceptibility to stress and other pressures of everyday life increase and you will be more easily irritated. What happens then when you feel like this? Will you have the energy to do all the "musts"? And, above all, do you have the energy to do everything that you think is fun and look forward to? With which energy will you do this? It can be a very good idea to fill your body with nutrition before you go to bed, because while you recover, your body needs something to take from. Then you will sleep well and wake up refreshed.

2. The importance of drinking water
It has been said many times, but it can still be said again – the importance of drinking enough water. Water is our fuel that we cannot live without. If you think that on a completely normal day you do not need to drink more water than what you get in connection with meals during the day, it is time to rethink. Water purifies the body, keep our organs in good health, gives us energy to do more, perks us up and reduces the feeling of fatigue. These are just some of the benefits, and if you start to drink water properly, you will be able to recognise the difference. An adult should drink about 1.5 litres of water per day. If it is warm out or if you are training, you should drink even more. Water is also completely free and is easily accessible everywhere, so what are you waiting for? Fill up the glass!

3. Mindset
We can give you lots of tips on training, well-being, important vitamins and minerals, but the absolute most important tool is you yourself. If we think negative and depressing thoughts, do you think that it will be visible? Not at all? Incorrect, it will be visible all over you. In your face, on your body and your entire well-being. We have the tools and the plan to give you a change – but it is you, who is your change!National surveys in most countries show an excessive fat consumption, low fruit and vegetable consumption and an increased problem with obesity, which not only shortens life expectancy, but also hurts the quality of life.SOURCE:WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION, WHO

4. Exercise
Your ability to absorb oxygen, also called condition, also affects your well-being. The better the ability to absorb oxygen you have, the greater the chances to better well-being. You improve your condition through exercise and moving around. You do not need to have gruelling workouts at the gym, but a 30-40 minute walk during the day is both simple and long-term.
The word "vita" is Latin and means life. In order for your life and your well-being to be as good as possible, you need to take vitamins and minerals, either through the food you eat or taking dietary supplements. Your body needs vitamins and minerals to function, and certain vitamins cannot be produced by the body itself, vitamin D for example. If you have too little of a certain vitamin, it can lead to symptoms of vitamin deficiency: fatigue, depression, lethargy and irritability.

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