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It’s Healthy Living Month!

Whether we work or study, we often forget to eat healthy between projects, assignments and seminars. Often it is only easier to tempt to have a delicious sandwich, a bun or a piece of chocolate cake.

But, to get through a stressful day at work or at school, we need more than delicious snacks from the bakery. Only a balanced diet will help increase our concentration and not least strengthen our immune system.

Some quick tips on "Brain food" that help our body and mind to get all the energy needed to get through a stressful day of work or study. READ MORE

nutritional supplement

Kyani, which means "strong medicine" among the aborigines in Alaska, provides a small but powerful product range, from a vitamin-rich drink based on wild blueberries from Alaska, a revolutionary nutritional supplement that is ideal for those who work to physical and mental extremes.

The Kyäni products are based on high quality ingredients from the plant kingdom which have been used in different parts of the world for hundreds of years as a part of a healthy diet.


A whole new range of skin care products that help you fight the visible signs of aging.

In order to create Fleuresse, Kyäni has combined the remarkable ingredients they've used for several years in the Triangle of Health - blueberries, noni and Vitamin E - with stem cell extracts from a rare variant of Swiss apple.
With this mix of natural ingredients, Fleuresse seems to moisturise and nourish your skin to give it a shiny and younger look.

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